About MoGASP


Missouri GASP started life in 1984, incorporated in 1985, and gained not-for-profit status in 1986. It is one of the foremost grass roots advocacy groups on this issue in the state. Our goals are:

  • Smoke-free air for nonsmokers.
  • Smoke-free lives for children.
  • A society where smoking is done only between consenting adults in private.

While not unrealistic, these goals are hard to achieve in Missouri because of widespread ignorance about or denial of the importance of smoke-free air, compounded by continued opposition from the tobacco industry and its allies.

This site seeks to counter tobacco industry disinformation by providing facts on the hazards of secondhand tobacco smoke. We also invite you to join us in fighting this serious public health, welfare and civil rights issue.

Secondhand smoke affects each and every one of us!

Contact information:
President: Martin Pion
Please send e-mail to: mpion@swbell.net
Phone: 314/521-0299