2014-12-21 P-D: Doonesbury’s Mr. Butts year-end cartoon

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In case any of you missed it and as a year-end treat, please find below the December 21st, 2014, Sunday Doonesbury cartoon from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, featuring Mr. Butts and his buddy, Mr. Brewski.

Who can addict and kill more people? It’s no contest!

(Please click to enlarge the strip below.)

Doonesbury Mr Butts & Mr Brewski db141221

One response to “2014-12-21 P-D: Doonesbury’s Mr. Butts year-end cartoon

  1. Happy New Years, Martin! 🙂 Cute cartoon, but it reminds me of something I started to write about last week. I believe the roughly agreed upon figure for smokers vs. long-term ex-smokers out there is about 50-50, would you agree?

    But what is the figure for the supposedly less-addictive alcohol? My guess is that far fewer drinkers, despite the expense, dangers, and often social disruptions to their lives caused by even moderate drinking habits, go on the long term water wagon. Sure, they say “Look, I don’t WANT to give up drinking. I enjoy it.”

    But that’s exactly the same thing smokers almost always said 30 or 40 years ago before they were trained to say, “I’ve tried to give it up, but I can’t because I’m addicted.”

    I think it’s a strange world where we take one drug that is well known to cause convulsions and death upon sudden cessation in a fair number of extreme cases, and say it’s less “addictive” than another drug whose cessation mainly causes irritation, annoyance, resentment, and a lessened ability to concentrate. Particularly when a far smaller proportion of that first drug’s regular users have ever succeed (I believe) in “kicking the habit.”



    mogasp comment: Happy New Year to you too, Michael. I’ve already spent longer on this than I wished to, so I’ll have to pass on a considered response. All I can say is that Gary Trudeau usually seems to have done his homework when it comes to his strips on this subject.

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