The tobacco lobby continues to influence legislation

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My thanks to Stan Cowan, who e-mailed me several interesting articles, both about the influence the tobacco industry continues to wield, as well as a recent potential setback for them.

While it may have lost a major lawsuit – we won’t know until the appeals process is complete and a final damage figure, if any, is announced – the tobacco industry is regaining clout in some states.

John Britton in State Capitol

John Britton in Missouri State Capitol

Victor Crawford during 60 Minutes interview

Victor Crawford during 60 Minutes interview

Regarding the recent obituary of former tobacco industry lobbyist John Britton, and another, Victor Crawford, who eventually exposed dirty industry secrets before his death from throat cancer in 1996 at age 63, Stan wrote:

“Victor Crawford wanted to come clean. He knew he had done wrong.

[Please see original 60 Minutes interview of Victor Crawford by reporter Lesley Stahl at]

John Britton never did express regret that his actions on behalf of the Tobacco Institute and later, Brown & Williamson, may have caused countless more Missouri youth to become addicted, additional diseases to be manifested, and more premature deaths.

You may appreciate some of the recent editorial and newspaper stories regarding tobacco industry political contributions.”

California Democrats accept more from tobacco industry 8-2-14

CA tobacco money over public health OpEd 8-7-14

What if tobacco companies were treated like other drug pushers?

Why tobacco companies deserve punitive damages 08-03-14

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