2013-07-12 P-D: New health concern about e-cigarettes?

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Dave Coverly recently raised a new health concern about e-cigarettes which I hadn’t seen before. It appeared in the July 12, 2013, Everyday section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Mr. Coverly kindly agreed to its reproduction on this blog:

Speed bump by Dave Coverly bmp130712dAPC

Reproduced with permission from Dave Coverly, creator of the Speed Bump cartoon at www.speedbump.com

Funnily enough, e-cigarettes were actually making the news both in Friday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch and also on Saturday’s national TV. Here’s the link to the Post-Dispatch story:


"Blue" cigarette ad

“Blu” cigarette ad featuring Jenny McCarthy

Originally, it seemed that e-cigarettes were being promoted mainly as a way for smokers to quit or at least reduce the risks from smoking regular cigarettes. However, increasingly they’re being glamorized in ads just as regular cigarettes were in the past, as in this example promoting Blu e-cigarettes, featuring actress & model Jenny McCarthy, with the tag line “freedom to have a cigarette without the guilt.”

One response to “2013-07-12 P-D: New health concern about e-cigarettes?

  1. MoGASP, that’s true about the e-cig ads, but have you seen the ads for the bright colorful candy-flavored e-nico-gums that are given to children at schools and sold to them in stores without any ID? Ever see the one where the gal talks about how her pencils “used to look like this” (showing chewed up stub of a pencil) and how they now “look like this” (showing brand new wonderful pencil) because she’s discovered nico-gum?

    – MJM

    mogasp response: If you can provide a link or links re. nico-gums that would be helpful.

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