2011-12-06 P-D: “Lake Saint Louis alderman may challenge Brazil in primary”

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Ald. John Pellerito first made known the possibility of his challenging St. Louis County Council Chairman, Joe Brazil, for his seat in a comment published just recently on this blog.

(Please see the comments following the article on the mogasp blog 2011-11-28 Patch: St. Charles County Council to Consider Smoking Ban Monday Night Smoke-free bills appear deadlocked at 3-3 .. where Pellerito wrote, regarding St. Charles County Council’s reluctance to support smoke-free air:

I will try to change that if I am elected to the council.)

Today’s story (below) by St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter, Mark Schlinkmann, fleshes this out:

Lake Saint Louis alderman may challenge Brazil in primary

BY MARK SCHLINKMANN • mschlinkmann@post-dispatch.com > 636-255-7203 | Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 6:35 pm | Comments (4 as of December 6, 2011, 10:37 pm)

Ald. John Pellerito
Lake St. Louis

ST. CHARLES COUNTY • Some political fallout from last week’s County Council smoking ban rejection may be a looming Republican primary challenge for Council Chairman Joe Brazil.
         Lake Saint Louis Alderman John Pellerito said Tuesday he’s “98 percent sure” he’ll run against Brazil for his 2nd District seat in the primary next August.
         Pellerito sponsored the Lake Saint Louis ordinance passed last year that bans smoking in restaurants, bars and most other enclosed public places in that city.
         Brazil is a staunch opponent of government-imposed smoking bans and voted last week against a bill to put a countywide prohibition on the Nov. 2012 ballot. That bill failed on a 3-3 tie vote.
         “That would definitely be a contentious issue” between them, Pellerito said.
         And if a petition drive to put the issue on the ballot fails to materialize, he quipped, “I’d probably be the next best weapon.”
         Brazil, meanwhile, said he’s confident he’ll win re-election next year and said his stand against a smoking ban has widespread support among his constituents. Besides Lake Saint Louis, the district includes the county’s large semi-rural southwest corner.
         “They don’t want all the government and all the intrusions,” said Brazil, of Defiance. “They don’t want people telling them ‘no smoking’.”
         Brazil said he doesn’t like smoking himself but believes businesses should have the right to decide whether to allow it. He also says a ban would hurt veterans groups.
         Pellerito said he’s been considering running for the county body for a couple of years and that he’d also talk about other issues. He added that he’ll first run for re-election as alderman in Lake Saint Louis’ April municipal election.

9 responses to “2011-12-06 P-D: “Lake Saint Louis alderman may challenge Brazil in primary”

  1. We warned Alderman Pellerito that his Lake St. Louis smoking ban should exempt “over 21” places in order to not drive the only true bar in Lake St. Louis, the Pub, out of business. Pellerito would not compromise and indeed the Pub went under!

  2. Just wondering: Since Brazil mentioned a ban hurting veterans groups, what is the status of bingo charity games in St. Charles regarding smoking bans at the moment? Are there such games? Are they covered? Would they be willing to step up to the press and demonstrate how a ban has not hurt them?

    Or has it?

    (Or, if St. Charles is not in such a situation, how about a couple of nearby comparable towns?)

    – MJM

  3. This is for Bill Hannegan –nice try , Bill , but the Pub was going out of business anyway very soon. As soon as it closed, it was purchased by another company and is doing very well smoke free.

  4. I am a Vietnam veteran –1963-1967. I am still in contact with some of those who survived and they have no problems with a smoke free environment. We did more smoking than you can imagine there.

  5. you can see that the Michigan Restaurant Association study found bans harm business. http://www.michiganrestaurant.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=1172

  6. So no one knows about bingo charity games in the area that have had bans imposed on them?

    – Michael

  7. ::sigh:: Just looked at Dave’s link. The MRA needs to hire the propaganda muscle from the other side of the aisle.

    They say 43% of members report no effect, while more than 2.5x the number report negative as opposed to positive results from the ban. If similar numbers like that had been reported by the PR firms for ASH et al (say, after a ban was lifted) they would have read like this:

    “Only a minority of venues, many of which had probably allowed smoking even under the ban, reported no effect from its lifting. The majority were impacted strongly enough to alert owners to the change. Of those impacted, over 74% reported the change had cost them money, eating into already slim profit margins and endangering an unknown number with closures — threatening to put their workers and their workers’ families out on the street in tough economic times.”

    Now doesn’t that have a bit more bang for the buck? Check my quick math if you like, but I think it’s accurate.

    – MJM

  8. Mr. Pellerito, you may have missed in the last blog, but I had asked you a question. You had said “By the way, ventilators do not work.”

    If people take you at your word as a government official and shut off the ventilators in restaurant kitchens, garages, automobile tunnels, and welding shops, will you take full responsibility for the consequences if there are any?

    I’m bringing this up again because I realize you may have simply missed it and, as a potential political candidate, you certainly wouldn’t want to appear to be dodging questions.

    Btw, since you may not be familiar with me and my arguably “competing interest,” I am…

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”
    P.S. I do not and never have owned any BigTobacco or BigPharma stocks nor gotten any money/donations from them (Other than one of the companies (RJR?) buying three copies of Brains when it came out.)

    Have you?

  9. How does an anti-smoking minded person like John Pellerito necessarily know if a replacement bar does better, than the business The Pub in Lake Saint Louis got before the smoking ban? Could he please post some hard financial numbers, comparing it’s business to The Pub, pre-ban? I’m offended how arrogant in tone his post was, and blindly assuming that new bar is doing well.

    I don’t know how Ald. Pellerito can sleep at night, as his vote for the LSL ban screwed over mom and pop business owners like John Bagwell(The Pub’s owner). Plus, I’m suspicious of his ban claim that all vets who patronize(-d) LSL fraternal clubs are happy, since I’m sure he didn’t ask those who decided to no longer patronize fraternal clubs, and quietly stay home as a result. Why couldn’t LSL aldermen exempt adult-only businesses posting very clear exterior signage, stating their indoor smoking policy? Wouldn’t be surprised if a few ex-smoking establishments, pre-LSL ban, are secretly ‘smokeasies’ at off-hour times.

    mogasp comment: I can’t speak for Ald. Pellerito but I would guess you’re right in assuming there’s still illicit smoking occurring in some locations. No such law exists which is perfect, e.g. speed limits are a prime example.
    Character count = 999!

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