2011-06-09 “For Better or For Worse” comic strip

When you read today’s “For Better or For Worse” comic strip the first three panels convince you that Ellen Patterson’s brother is finally feeling the ill-effects of his smoking, but the punch-line suggests otherwise.

For Better or For Worse, by Lynn Johnston
Please click to enlarge

The brother’s shortness of breath etc. could still be related to his smoking though.

On her web page accompanying the strip, Lynn Johnston wrote:

My brothers’ smoking was always a bone of contention. He was still puffing when I did this strip and I was still trying to get him to stop. I don’t think he ever blew up the kiddie pool, but he did play the trumpet professionally and I wondered how his lungs held out!

8 responses to “2011-06-09 “For Better or For Worse” comic strip

  1. As a member of St. Charles County Council I received many emails from Mr. Bill Hannegan trying to influence my work on the St. Charles County smoke-free ordinance. I do not believe Mr. Hannegan lives in St. Charles County. I do believe he actively trys to influence legislation in this region. His website, Keep St. Louis Free, has a place where those inclined can donate money to him. And I am sure that many bars and smokers pay for Mr. Hannegan’s work. But I cannot find where Mr. Hannegan has filed as a political action committee or a lobbyist with the Missouri Ethics Commission. If Mr. Hannegan is accepting money for his work on this matter, I believe he is required to file as such. I do believe Mr. Hannegan needs a dose of his own medicine so I would encourage the readers of this blog to do their own investigation and file an ethics complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission on their website.

  2. As a lot of anti-smokers like to refer to. It must have been that darn Peeing section in that kiddie pool.

    Marshall P Keith

  3. Bill Hannegan

    Councilman Cronin, I think you have a guilty conscience about exempting the Ameristar Casino. Why not go ahead and include the casino in order to make this election a fair fight? Councilman Matheny agrees with me that the casino must be included for the 2012 election to be truly fair. Mr. Pion, don’t you agree that Councilman Cronin should immediately include the gaming floor of the Ameristar Casino in his smoking ban? Mr. Pion, don’t you also agree that the St. Charles County Council is shirking its duty by not directly voting on this issue?

    mogasp comment: I’ve noticed that on the issue of secondhand smoke regulation, unlike other air pollutants, elected officials frequently punt the issue to the electors instead of addressing it themselves.

  4. Bill Hannegan

    More to the point, Councilman Cronin, now that you have engaged me in this public forum, I must ask if you have at any time received any contribution, directly or indirectly, from Ameristar Casino? I hope Mr. Pion will help press you for an answer to this question.

    mogasp comment: I would hope that money is playing no part in these decisions regarding public health but that is certainly not always the case.

  5. Councilman Cronin,
    Just like Mr. Hanagan, Mr. Pion and myself are not voting citizens of St.Charles county but you decry dissent to your myopic policies and incite your supposed constituency to make accusations against individual political action. You are a betrayer of conservative tenets by your own predecessors:
    While Mr. Hanagan or Mr. Pion head opposing so-called non-profit public interest organizations, neither is listed by the IRS:
    nor is any record of an IRS form 990 found.
    With your outrage at Mr. Hanagan maybe you’ll be good enough to lend your support behind City Councilman Pepper:
    or maybe you’ll be good enough to admit you’re a RINO, sign on with Susan Montee and get your own column:

    mogasp comment: Please check out the following link to the IRS.gov page which lists Missouri GASP:
    We received our not-for-profit 501(c)(3) status from the IRS in 1986 after our foundation in 1984.
    Note: Mary Jo Blackwood, Vice-President at the time, deserves credit for doing most of the extensive work necessary for the successful not-for-profit filing with the IRS.

  6. I stand corrected. 501(c) (3) rules and regs are confusing enough without having to interpret the 170 exclusions:
    or what is allowed or disallowed:
    If non-profit is what you describe MoGASP this site agrees:

    mogasp comment: Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the above sources.

  7. Mr. Cronin, I know Mr. Hannegan, and I’m sure he is not a paid tobacco lackey. By the way, have any pro-ban people (or organizations) who do not live in St. Charles County been trying to infulence you or other members of the board concerning a ban? Or have they been granted special access? And if so, shouldn’t Mr Hannegan be given equal access, so that you can judge him personally?

  8. Bill Hannegan

    At the May 31st meeting, while explaining their yes votes, both Councilmen Cronin and White both stated that their smoking ban votes were predicated on a belief that the St. Louis City casino exemption expires in 5 years! Someone gave them bad information. The City’s sunset clause only applies to small bars, not casinos. Casinos can allow smoking forever. I wish I had had the chance to correct this misinformation.

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