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P-D 9/2/2010: Matson Cartoon “No Smoking Clayton Parks”

I couldn’t find any associated story to prompt this cartoon. It shows a cardinal and sickly-looking squirrel smoking dejectedly on the sidewalk alongside a Clayton park with prominent “No Smoking” signs plastered on every tree. In the distance is a Clayton policeman writing on a pad and evidently noting details of a miscreant in a tree, judging by the swirl of smoke coming from just above his head.

I think this is one case where, in reality, animals exhibit more intelligence than humans. Very few of them smoke, to my knowledge, and those that do have probably been introduced to the addiction by humans.

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After posting the above I was alerted to a Riverfront Times article providing some background and taking issue with this new Clayton ordinance. I have to disagree but here’s the article FYI:

Smoking Bans
Clayton Approves Draconian Smoking Ban: No Cigarettes in Parks

By Chad Garrison, Wed., Aug. 25 2010 @ 8:54AM Comments (25)
Categories: Smoking Bans

Mickey Mantle shilling for Viceroy cigarettes

RFT photo caption: Mickey will have to stub out that cig if he wants to play softball at Shaw Park.

​We here at Daily RFT have (for the most part) championed the many smoking bans voted in last year by various city councils and voters in St. Louis, Kirkwood, St. Louis County and other municipalities.

But the enhanced ban that Clayton’s board of aldermen approved last night goes a little too far — in our humble opinion. The law bans smoking in city parks as well as all city-owned outdoor properties, such as parking lots.

Last year Clayton became one of the first area suburbs to approve a smoking ban. The ban went into effect this past July and is generally more restrictive than the ones passed in St. Louis and St. Louis County that exempt certain bars due to size or liquor sales.

Last summer one Clayton alderman held out for a smoking ban that would include public parks, but his measure was defeated only to resurface in last night’s 6-0 vote.

The ban on smoking in parks and other outdoor areas begins January 1. Smoking will still be permitted outdoors at privately-owned properties, such as patios at restaurants and bars. Oh, and the new ordinance also exempts sidewalks. So, no, you won’t get cuffed and stuffed for enjoying a puff on the curb.