Larry Fiquette, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reader’s Advocate

Columnist, Bill McClellan, writes a sometimes sage, and frequently humorous column several times a week in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I often read it and generally agree with him, except when it has to do with smoking. Then Mr. McClellan reveals his Libertarian tendencies, and often writes what I feel are rather biased and ill-founded columns.

Today’s column is about Larry Fiquette who was St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reader’s Advocate for several years. According to the column, Mr. Fiquette is seriously ill with pneumonia in De Paul Health Center surrounded by his family, and his prognosis is poor.

I wrote to Mr. Fiquette after the newspaper published an article featuring complaints from smokers about workplace smoking restrictions. I pointed out that smokers are actually privileged, being allowed smoking breaks for example. He wrote a column on the subject, which I reproduce below.

Some years later I was invited to give a pre-service presentation about Missouri GASP at the Ethical Society of St Louis on Clayton Road. Mr. Fiquette attended and came up to talk to me afterwards to thank me, noting that he supported ASH (Action on Smoking & Health).

I thought he provided a valuable service to readers of the Post-Dispatch and I was sorry when he retired and was not replaced.

(Please CLICK image below to enlarge.)

SLPD Readers Advocate column: 1994_2_27

3 responses to “Larry Fiquette, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reader’s Advocate

  1. marbee (aka Marlene Bakken)

    First of all, smokers and non-smokers alike, all take breaks! What one chooses to do on that break is their business. Ads for pharma’s nicotine products are bombarding the media 24/7, yet no one bats an eye. The media of today is nothing more than sensationalism, so perhaps that’s why Pion wants more of it.Pion has his point of view, but it one that true science disagrees with. Unbiased studies are virtually overlooked for those that special interest pays for. True journalists are extremely hard to find these days. One only has to look at the coverage Obama got before the election. Main stream media journalists, other than those at FOX News, became nothing more than cheerleaders. They, like Pion, are a threat to freedom.
    The surgeon general’s report was based on a 1993 EPA report that was ruled null and void by Judge Oosteen in federal court due to it’s fraudulence! From the Cato Institute: The Second-Hand Smoke Charade Quote: It now turns out that the influential 1993 EPA report “Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders” was as phony as a three-dollar bill. State officials and private businesses that believed that ETS was a public health danger (and not just a nuisance) were completely misled by the EPA. And, of course, so was main street American public opinion.
    In 1998 the American Cancer Society finally retracted their 53,000 deaths statistic, stating in a press release: “The American Cancer Society will no longer use the statistic because we too have been unable to acquire the documentation to support this citation.” In other words, it was a lie.
    Close to 90% of the weight of tobacco smoke is composed of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and plain water (1989 Report of the Surgeon General p. 80). This mix is usually called “fresh air.” For this we take away property rights? So that someone’s smoke-free preference can trump an owner’s or smoker’s rights?
    Now there is a professor, UCLA School of Public Health’s James Enstrom fired from that school because he adheres to academic integrity and the powers that be don’t want him publishing his findings that are contrary to this agenda and PROVE that this is all nonsense! I say put the SHS issue on trial before this goes any further! [3,093 characters]

  2. Seems Martin changes the rules as he goes. Nothing is good enough. I will not edit my comment to the “NEW” rule of length limit!

  3. Ban coffee breaks. Not everyone drinks coffee. It is an addictive drug.

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