W-K Times Letter 2/18/10: “Smoke Free: The Right Thing”

The following letter in support of smoke-free air was accepted by the Webster-Kirkwood Times, February 19, 2010 Issue, and appears in the current on-line edition. It can be found by clicking the title below.

The letter I submitted earlier this month, in response to one from David Kuneman of Rock Hill, was not accepted for publication, but I’ve posted it on the mogasp blog here and it has attracted quite a lot of comments from SHS harm deniers.

Smoke Free: The Right Thing

As a bass player for the long-time St. Louis band, Serapis, we have found that performing in smokefree Kirkwood at the Highlands Brewing Company has had a positive impact on attendance at our show.

We have performed all over the metro area for years and on Jan. 22, we had the pleasure of performing at the Highlands just weeks after the Kirkwood smoking ban went into effect.

The number of positive comments I heard on the fact that the room was smoke free were significant. But then I noticed something else, a lot of the folks I was talking to were long-time fans that I had not seen for years, and a good number of them drove in from St. Charles to Kirkwood. They made the journey because the venue was smoke free.

To those who are afraid that a smoking ban will hurt business and cause establishments to lose customers consider this: you’ve already lost customers, you just don’t know it.

This experience is proof to me that there are many people who want to enjoy a night out, but have opted to stay home or do something else because they can’t handle the haze.

Kudos to Kirkwood (and Ballwin)! Fear not, you are doing the right thing.

Gene Carroll – Serapis
St. Charles
February 18, 2010

3 responses to “W-K Times Letter 2/18/10: “Smoke Free: The Right Thing”

  1. Many small neighborhood bars in Chicago have survived for two years by ignoring the Illinois ban. The first winter was making them consider closing. Risking a few eventual fines is better than just laying down to die. There have no complaints.

  2. Gene claims customers are migrating to Kirkwood for smoke-free entertainment, but he has no way of knowing how many Kirkwood customers have migrated to other areas where they can smoke

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