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KMOV Ch 4 story 1/1/2010: “Kirkwood smoking ban in effect Saturday”

Yesterday’s KMOV-TV Channel 4 News at 6 pm included a story about Kirkwood and its smoke-free air ordinance, due to go into effect today, January 2, 2010. It focused on PJ’s Tavern, 123 West Jefferson in Kirkwood, normally a pretty smoky place. How was it going to adapt and what did customers and staff think?

The video report and following story is posted on the KMOV website. Please paste the following into your browser to view:

Below are some screen shots followed by the on-line story:

KMOV Channel 4 anchor, Mark Schnyder, in the studio

KMOV Channel 4 reporter, Ray Preston, gesturing towards PJ's Tavern behind him

Bartender Sarah Tepper being interviewed day before going smoke-free

Reporter Ray Preston: “The lunchtime crowd may be split 50:50 between smokers and nonsmokers. At night, she says perhaps three-quarters of the customers sitting at the bar light up.”

Bartender Sarah Tepper: “We’ve been getting a mixed reaction. Some are very happy that it’s finally banned and others are not so happy.”

Marc & Marcy Hartstein and friend Maryann Kestenbaum, now living in San Antonio, TX, enjoying some free secondhand smoke this last day before PJ's goes smoke-free!

Marc Harstein at PJ's Tavern on Friday, January 1, 2009, the last smoke-day of the new year

By Brendan Marks, KMOV
Posted on January 1, 2010 at 5:50 PM
Updated yesterday at 6:07 PM
Kirkwood puts a ban on it in public places
Smoking Ban Takes Effect in Kirkwood

KMOV – There’s one day left until a smoking ban in Kirkwood goes into effect.

Kirkwood residents passed the smoking ban in November with about 70 percent of the vote.

One man in Kirkwood said he was going out Friday to grab a meal and have one last cigarette. Critics of the ban said they think the ban will drive customers to other communities that still allow smoking.

Carol Adcock, Kirkwood resident favoring smoke-free air

Kirkwood resident Carol Adcock voted for the ban and says it can also bring in customers. “…I found it a little hard to believe that someone would give up their routine, if they enjoy the restaurant,” she said.

The county-wide smoking ban will go into effect January 2011.

Celebrate Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010 in Kirkwood!

If you can, plan on dining in Kirkwood on January 2, 2010, the day its smoke-free indoor air ordinance, approved by the voters on November 3, takes effect.

Please see below for some suggestions of where to go from Reese Forbes, who is familiar with the area:

Please click map to enlarge

Reese Forbes wrote:

I would suggest going to the places that were the smokiest and the most resistant (to the ordinance). Of those, my order would be –

Ice and Fuel, 215 North Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood, MO 63122-4029
(314) 822-0494

Eleven Mile House, 10332 Manchester Road, Kirkwood, MO 63122-1521
(314) 821-6033
(In the little L-shaped strip center on south side, 1/2 mile east of S Lindbergh/N. Kirkwood)

PJ’s Tavern, 123 West Jefferson Avenue, Kirkwood, MO 63122-4007
(314) 966-2001
(Not the finer dining part, which was always smoke free)

Other suggestions from Reese:

Amici’s Restaurant
210 N Kirkwood Rd, Kirkwood, MO 63122
Phone: 314-821-2222 Fax: 314-821-2359
“Mid-price Italian”

Citizen Kane’s Steak House
133 West Clinton Place, Kirkwood, MO 63122
314/965-9005 Reservations recommended
“Fine dining”

Graham’s Grill and Bayou Bar, 612 West Woodbine Avenue, Kirkwood, MO 63122-5635
(314) 965-2003
“For the Cajon experience”
Sauce Magazine revue: