Fox 2 News interview 12/16/2009: Lambert Airport’s smoke-free future. How will smokers cope?

Fox 2 News anchor, Ms. Randi Naughton, interviewed Martin Pion, Missouri GASP president, at around 7:20 am today (Wednesday, December 15, 2009) about Lambert Airport’s smoking rooms and how smokers would cope without them.

Ald. Lyda Krewson

Come January 2011, Lambert’s smoking rooms will close as part of the recently-enacted St. Louis City smoke-free air ordinance, sponsored by Alderwoman Lyda Krewson, Ward 28. The city ordinance was dependent on a similar St. Louis County ordinance being adopted by public vote, which happened when county voters approved Proposition N by a 2 to 1 margin on November 3, 2009.

Please click following link to watch video (wait for it to load fully before playing): ktvi-lambert-smoking-ban-debate-121609

Below are some screen shots from the video, plus one from a demonstration outside St. Louis city hall staged on July 13, 1996:

Fox 2 news anchor Randi Naughton interviewing Martin Pion, president MoGASP

Sign created for demo. outside St. Louis city hall (see image from TV below), staged on July 13, 1996

Martin Pion donning half-face respirator for demonstration purposes. It was also used for protection against secondhand smoke when still allowed on airplanes and throughout airports

Smoke-Busters (from left) Pat Obrist, Martin Pion, Jim Elliott, & Candy McCandliss in demo. supporting smoke-free Lambert Airport petition outside St. Louis city hall, July 13, 1996

7 responses to “Fox 2 News interview 12/16/2009: Lambert Airport’s smoke-free future. How will smokers cope?

  1. Now bar owners will be able to recognize the real health department inspectors if a bar ban is passed.

  2. Good interview Martin, you were right on point this time and I think made it clear to everybody it is a reality.

  3. Hi Martin:

    I was surfing channels this morning as I was getting ready for work and saw you LIVE Martin! Good job! Those white suits are so visual…..

    I thought it was a lovely day. Sunny and warm by comparison to what it could have been. You were so matter of fact…bottom line, they can smoke outside or get a nicotine patch. Vending machine for patches? Sure, why not? Maybe we can invest in a new industry….you should patent that idea….

    You rock Martin! Keep up the good work (and cycling).


  4. Hi Martin, Good work for the most part, but Doctor Gasp has a head like a block of wood. Hasn’t Val given you sufficient bitch slaps to get you to stop using utterly ineffective props? [I.e. the laptop computer with unreadable screen.] Stop! H

    • Hi Hans, Thanks for your approval, albeit with reservations. In answer to your comment about Val’s “bitch slaps” (an unfortunate expression) I can only say that I simply didn’t have time to produce a color print of the image I wanted to show and was hoping my computer would suffice. I was wrong, but the image IS posted on-line. 0:-)

  5. Some have become so concerned with sterilizing our environments that the decrease in the number of smokers has increased the incidence of chilhood asthma by 500%. Coincidence? Not. The revelation that tobacco is good for you is stymied by the pharmaceutical industry’s plan to substitute the natural and relatively inexpensive tobacco plant with their overpriced and ineffective nicotine replacement therapys. Reported in non-mainstream media: An Owensboro bioprocessing group is working on a new vaccine for the human papillomavirus that’s made with a tobacco protein. Smoking lowers Parkinson’s disease risk. Severe Gum Recession, Less Of A Risk For Smokers. Twin Study Supports Protective Effect of Smoking For Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s Disease Is Associated With Non-smoking. Smoking protects against Alzheimer’s Disease, Smoking protects against Ulcerative Colitis. Children of mothers who smoked at least 15 cigarettes a day tend to have lower odds for suffering from allergic rhino-conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, atopic eczema and food allergy, compared to children of mothers who had never smoked. Kids of smokers have LOWER asthma! ‘Villain’ nicotine slays TB. Carbon Monoxide May Alleviate Heart Attacks And Stroke – Carbon monoxide is a by-product of tobacco smoke. Smoking Prevents Rare Skin Cancer. Smoking Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer. Nitric oxide mediates a therapeutic effect of nicotine in ulcerative colitis. Alzheimer’s Disease Is Associated With Non-Smoking. Tourette’s Syndrome, even schizophrenia and cocaine addiction are disorders that are alleviated by tobacco. Big pharma knows all of this, it’s all about wiping out the competition and money!

    • I suspect this is full of entirely erroneous statements, for which you’ve provided not a single supporting reference. The only one having any semblance of justification that I could pick out after a quick scan was the reference to Parkinson’s Disease, but even there you’ve used it inappropriately, as I found out when I did a search on-line and found this article referencing work done at Johns Hopkins [ref:]:

      Smoking lowers Parkinson’s disease risk
      Megan Rauscher
      Tue Mar 20, 2007 2:03pm EDT
      NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A new study adds to the previously reported evidence that cigarette smoking protects against Parkinson’s disease. Specifically, the new research shows a temporal relationship between smoking and reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease. That is, the protective effect wanes after smokers quit.


      “It is not our intent to promote smoking as a protective measure against Parkinson’s disease,” Evan L. Thacker from Harvard School of Public Health emphasized in comments to Reuters Health. “Obviously smoking has a multitude of negative consequences. Rather, we did this study to try to encourage other scientists…to consider the possibility that neuroprotective chemicals may be present in tobacco leaves.”

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