Tobacco-Free Mo St. Louis Holiday Luncheon

A luncheon meeting was held on Thursday, December 10, 2009, at St. Louis University’s Boileau Hall, in midtown St. Louis, attended by many of those active in the recent smoke-free air success stories in the area. It was organized by Pat Lindsey who has been heavily engaged in local efforts for many years, and leads the Tobacco-Free Missouri Greater St. Louis Coalition which hosted the event. Pat is the Program Director, Tobacco Prevention Center, in the Saint Louis University School of Public Health, e-mail: and website:

Everyone present was given the opportunity to introduce themselves, and Stacy Reliford of the American Cancer Society, St. Louis, then gave a roundup of this year’s new ordinances in Kirkwood and Clayton, and mentioned the Washington University campus, which is due to go smoke-free on July 10, 2010, to coincide with the effective date of the City of Clayton ordinance.

Plaques in recognition of the achievements this past year were presented to St. Louis County Councilwoman Barbara Fraser, and Charley Gatton, chairman of County Citizens for Cleaner Air. Plaques were presented in absentia to Clayton Mayor Linda Goldstein and St. Louis City Alderwoman Lyda Krewson. Below are a few photos snapped after the event, including ones of Rep. Jill Schupp, who is working with others on possible statewide smoke-free air legislation.

Pat Lindsey (left) with award presented to Councilwoman Barbara Fraser

Former Ballwin Alderman Charles Gatton, Missouri State Rep. Jill Schupp, and Ballwin Alderwoman Jane Suozzi

State Rep. Jill Schupp - District 82, Creve Coeur (left), and Alderwoman Jane Suozzi, Ballwin

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