RFT: Submission for “St. Louis’ Most Underrated Restaurants”

Whistle Stop at lunchtime, November 17, 2009

On Sunday I was urged by a friend and supporter of Missouri GASP to nominate a favorite but underrated restaurant in response to a November 9th Riverfront Times article seeking such nominations on their food blog, written by Ian Froeb.

After lunch during a Road I training bike ride at the Whistle Stop, in downtown Ferguson

Nomination deadline was today (November 16th) and I posted the following 200 words in support of the Whistle Stop yesterday. The photo at left was of a group of students attending a Road I course I conducted last year just after lunch at the Whistle Stop part-way through a one-day training course, with me in the middle in front. Here’s my submission to the RFT:

The Whistle Stop in downtown Ferguson is a favorite of mine and, of course, it’s totally smoke-free.
Housed in the former Ferguson Train Depot which has been lovingly restored as a museum, the walls recount the origins of this city of 22,000 in North St. Louis County thanks to old photos and memorabilia. It sits alongside the active Norfolk-Southern freight line. The restored serving window is reminiscent of the original ticket windows.
I’m a certified League of American Bicyclist Cycling Instructor and whenever I conduct a bike education class we stop at the Whistle Stop for lunch and take a group photo before leaving to finish the on-bike part of the course.
The Whistle Stop offers a great three course lunch special during the week for only $6.99 plus tax: soup or salad; sandwich, one scoop of frozen custard to rival Ted Drewes, and a soft drink. You can view their web site and lunch specials at http://www.whistlestopdepot.com/index.html
Among my favorites: Italian Chicken with slices of pepperoni, chicken breast, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and Italian dressing in a tomato split top roll. I had that recently with “Death by chocolate” ice cream.

The above submission was in response to the following article, posted on the RFT blog:

Choose St. Louis’ Most Underrated Restaurants
By Ian Froeb in List Mania!
Mon., Nov. 9 2009 @ 5:09PM

Niche. Monarch. Pi. Certain St. Louis restaurants are discussed frequently around these parts. Too frequently, some might argue. But regardless whether or not you believe those particular places are deserving of the hype, you probably can think of at least one area restaurant that undeservedly flies under the radar.

I want to highlight these places. Or, rather, I want you to highlight these places. Choose the restaurant you think is the most underrated in St. Louis, make your case in a maximum of 200 words and email it to me by Monday, November 16. I’ll read through the entries and choose the nine most persuasive cases to include in the Ten Most Underrated St. Louis Restaurants. (I get to select one restaurant, too.)

Winners receive nothing except the pride of seeing their names and words reproduced on this here food blog. I reserve the right to reject any entry that I suspect is written by an employee — or the relative of an employee — at the restaurant nominated.

Finally, I grant that underrated is a subjective term. If you believe a restaurant that has been praised more than most is still underrated, feel free to nominate it. But you had better make a damn good case for it!

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