Let sleeping wrens sleep

This is totally unrelated to secondhand smoke. I mean TOTALLY! I’m posting it for light relief.

Yesterday (Sunday) I was busy almost all day in my front yard gathering piles of leaves from the two large sweet gums and separating out the leaves (to be composted) from the gum balls, which are like large brown prickly ball bearings, waiting for me to step on them and throw me off balance. (It happens occasionally in my front yard, which slopes down steeply to the road).

I had opened up the garage door and then changed into my old clothes to work in the yard. As I was heading out from my garage with my leaf rake and other garden implements a small bird that had inadvertently flown into the garage flew in a panic to one corner.

I decided to just leave it alone and went to work outside. After about an hour I reentered the garage and to my surprise the bird was still there, perched on a spare rear bicycle fender on top of a shelf unit. Furthermore, when I approached it, instead of flying off it stayed frozen on its perch which I lifted up and carefully carried outside.

No sign of life from the bird, a little wren, with its eye tightly closed. I got a camera and snapped some photos. Here’s the best one showing the wren dozing on one of the bike fender’s stays.


Wren fast asleep on bicycle fender stay

I called my wife to look at the phenomenon and as soon as she spotted it and started to speak the wren decided it was time to go and flew off.

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