P-D Letters, 11/08 and 11/09/2009

In Sunday’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch was a good letter from Gregory Pace, a self-described libertarian, who nonetheless voted for Prop-N and is gloating about its victory at the polls on Tuesday, November 3. That is followed by a letter in Monday’s paper from Carolyn Mandlman, Missouri GASP Vice President, and Hans Levi, Treasurer, recapping what led to the recent success, identifying some of those who helped to make it happen, and expressing pride and humility at MoGASP being part of the effort.

The MoGASP letter was originally slated for the Sunday edition but was bumped by the horrific events at Fort Hood.

The published letter was changed slightly from the original. In particular, I expected Carolyn and Hans to be identified in the Post-Dispatch as from Missouri GASP. Instead they end up looking like the VP and Treasurer of County Citizens for Cleaner Air! I’m sorry for the mixup.

Also, I wasn’t expecting to be mentioned by name but Carolyn adding the wording to the letter submitted for publication, which was nice of her.

Sweet smell of revenge
Post-Dispatch Letters Sunday, 11/08/2009

I need to clear the air — cough, cough — on why I voted yes on Proposition N. Prop N did cross the line from a libertarian standpoint, and I usually endorse the libertarian point of view. But I vividly remember the smoke from my father’s cigarette wafting my way at the dinner table. I remember meetings as a young engineer in small, poorly ventilated conference rooms in which many of the participants smoked impudently.

I remember, on a particular trek to Six Flags, sitting on the curb surrounding a big sand box watching my child play and being horrified when another parent disposed of her cigarette in the sand as if our kids were playing in a huge ashtray. And I remember the countless cigarette butts I see strewn on our sidewalks and on our streets on my daily walks.

I voted for payback. Revenge is sweet.

Gregory Pace — University City

Here’s the letter signed jointly by MoGASP Vice President and Treasurer:

St. Louis County voters,volunteers supportedProp N for public health
Post-Dispatch Letters Monday, 11/09/2009

A resounding 65 percent of voters on Nov. 3 answered yes to the question, “Shall St. Louis County amend the Revised Ordinances to prohibit smoking in enclosed public places?” That result triggers a similar ordinance in the city of St. Louis City.

The heavy lifting was done by a small but dedicated group that came together barely a month ago, determined to succeed in the face of long odds.

Providing the impetus was St. Louis County Councilwoman Barbara Fraser, with support from council members Steve Stenger, Colleen Wasinger and Greg Quinn. Ms. Fraser worked to get bipartisan support on the county council and of County Executive Charlie Dooley to put this on the ballot and helped bring together the diverse talent for County Citizens for Cleaner Air, the grass-roots group campaigning for Proposition N.

And, against all odds, it passed.

There are exemptions, which mean some workers get no protection from secondhand smoke. We must correct that, but this is a big step forward for public health and welfare.

Former Ballwin Alderman Charley Gatton was the public face of this group, ably assisted by Alderman Jane Suozze. They and so many others deserve our gratitude, including the tireless Martin Pion, president of Missouri GASP.

We are proud to have been a part of this group and simultaneously humbled by the experience. Thanks to all our supporters for their help.

Carolyn Mandlman — Creve Coeur
Vice President

Hans Levi — Ferguson

County Citizens for Cleaner Air

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