KMOX 11/4/09 : “St. Louis County votes to snuff out smoking”


Smoking ban opponents Marty Ginsburg and Bill Hannegan reflect on the night's election results at Ginsburg's Sports Page bar and restaurant in Chesterfield. KMOX/Michael Calhoun

KMOX News carried this story on-line with a photo of Bill Hannegan (right) and Marty Ginsburg, a rather aggressive individual with a voice like a bull-horn, who behaves like a tinpot dictator whenever he addresses the St. Louis County Council. I hope Marty remembered to take his blood pressure medication after the vote tally yesterday.

Posted: Wednesday, 04 November 2009 4:20AM
St. Louis County votes to snuff out smoking
Michael Calhoun Reporting

KIRKWOOD (KMOX) — Smoke ’em while you can. Come January 2nd, 2011, there’ll be no more puffing cigarettes inside most of St. Louis County’s bars and restaurants.

But will the results hold up? One opponent warns not to hold your breath.

“We believe that it can be knocked down,” Bill Hannegan of Keep St. Louis Free tells KMOX. “And thereby the whole law knocked down as well.”

Hannegan says an exemption for casinos violates the state constitution’s special laws clause.

County councilwoman Barbara Fraser, celebrating at the new Pi in Kirkwood, is busy setting her sights on Jefferson City.

“Bottom line is, I think this is a strong message to the leaders of our state that we in fact have a good portion of the population areas of the state will be smoke-free and have cleaner air,” she says.

KMOX also stopped by the Sports Page in Chesterfield, to talk to owner Marty Ginsburg.

“I’m not worried about it,” he says. “We survived the recession so far.”

The ban, which passed with 65% of the vote, also triggers a similiar ban in the city.

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