SPECIAL EVENTS: Prop-N at Ferguson Farmer’s Market, 10/31/09


Martin Pion promoting Prop-N at Ferguson Farmer's Market

It was a sunny but crisp day at the Ferguson Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, October 31, 2009, with the thermometer reading 41 degrees when I set off just after 9:30 am without breakfast or a shave. That’s early for me, especially given that I got to bed at around 2 am.

This was the last occasion the market would be open this season and business was brisk. The overwhelming majority of those I approached were supportive of Prop-N to make most indoor private workplaces in St. Louis County smoke-free (and if it passes, that automatically means St. Louis City is expected to follow suit too).

One young lady referred to “private property rights” as her reason for opposing it. Another gentleman and former Ferguson councilman I know well said he was leaning towards support but also was concerned about the “private business” issue, being a private businessman himself operating a small heating and cooling company. It’s strange how secondhand smoke gets a pass but so many other risks to health that are regulated do not, presumably because unrestricted smoking has been an unrestricted part of society for so long.

I ended up distributing all the lapel pins and Prop-N cards I had, plus half a dozen yard signs, and also gathered contact information for 9 people in favor of this initiative. A better result than I was expecting. I hope that portends well for the vote on November 3rd!

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