Cheshire Lodge goes smoke free, including in the Fox and Hounds Tavern

The following story by Deb Peterson in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch mentions that both the Cheshire Lodge (formerly the Cheshire Inn) and Cardwell’s in Plaza-Frontenac, are now smokefree. That’s good news.

I visited the Cheshire Inn with my wife to attend the birthday celebration of the late Dr. Jerry Himmelhoch, a lively and engaging member of the Gourmet Book Club of which we were then members. His health was starting to fail and family members didn’t want to wait longer to stage this event. I recall being concerned because smoking was still allowed in some public areas but the private upstairs room where the event was held was reasonably smoke-free.

I haven’t been back since but I’m glad to learn they are taking this healthy step in going smoke-free and not waiting for government action.

Plaza-Frontenac is supposedly smoke-free throughout so I was taken aback when I visited Cardwell’s in that location some years ago with friends and discovered that they allowed smoking at the bar. We ended up eating outside the restaurant but that taught me always to ask if a restaurant has a bar where smoking is allowed when checking a restaurant’s smoking status. (I just called to double-check and was told the restaurant went smoke-free April 1, 2009, with smoking only permitted on the patio.)

I checked to see what comments had been left on the Post-Dispatch on-line following the article and of the 6 to date 5 were positive with only one griping, which was roundly condemned by the following post.


06.15.2009 6:19 pm
Cheshire Lodge goes smoke free, including in the Fox and Hounds Tavern

By Deb Peterson
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

MATCHLESS: The Cheshire Lodge has banned smoking in its Fox and Hounds Tavern as of this month. The Cheshire will have two outdoor smoking areas – one in front of the hotel’s Cock and Bear Room and the second in the Cheshire Garden, west of the hotel and accessible from the first floor elevator lobby.

The Cheshire was built in 1965 by Stephen Apted who bought the Cheshire Inn’s restaurant from the Medart family in 1961. Apted’s son and granddaughter, Dan and Dani Apted respectively, run the Cheshire Lodge today. The Apteds say they decided to ban smoking because of the quality of life issue it represents.

“This isn’t about the rules or financial impact, it’s about a quality of life for my family, staff, hotel and bar guests as well as anyone who chooses to use or be in this lodge,” Dan Apted said Monday. “I have gone through the affects (sic) of 9/11, to the highway 40 closures and of course the depression and recession, and no amount of money saved is worth it if I’m not concerned about improving the lives of those around me, and those we serve.”

Dan said he struggled with the decision for about a year and made up his mind after another local restaurateur instituted a ban. “When a good friend of mine, Bill Cardwell, went smoke-free at his restaurant location in Frontenac, I knew that it was time for a revolution,” Dan said.

2 responses to “Cheshire Lodge goes smoke free, including in the Fox and Hounds Tavern

  1. Reese Erick Forbes

    Wonderful news – I will have to get back to those places now.
    BTW, never ask “Is smoking allowed at the bar” but say “The bar is also smoke-free, right?”. It is a more pro-active approach and no one will mistake the question.

  2. Here in Chicago, the bars that comply don’t snitch on those that ignore the ban. There aren’t enough anti smokers for ALL the bars. I don’t understand the reasoning that if a person is making good money from his smoke free bar, why would he insist that all his competition should be forced to do likewise? Something doesn’t make any sense with articles like this one.

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