Wildwood to consider smoking ban

The above was published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on-line, and by just after midnight had already garnered its first comment from “DocGonzo” who wrote:

“Hannegen will be in here any minute telling us that second hand smoke is not bad at all for children. I guess that they should just go somewhere else as well?”

By midday there were already over 60 comments posted, but not a one from Hannegan! You can view them/add your own here.

On-line here

WILDWOOD — A group of Rockwood Valley Middle School students’ award-winning presentation Monday night persuaded the Wildwood City Council to consider a ban on indoor smoking in public places.

After hearing teacher Becky Forristal’s seven-graders make their pitch for the ban, the council invited the students to meet next month with one of its legislative committees to explore the feasibility of an anti-smoking ordinance.

Clayton is currently considering an indoor smoking ordinance. Wildwood officials have discussed but never formally proposed a smoking ban, City Administrator Daniel Dubruiel said.

“We ask you to consider a ban on smoking in public places in Wildwood,” said student Jillian Pfeiffer, citing the risks second-hand smoke causes poses for adults and children.

The student presentation, “It’s No Joke, Ban the Smoke,” was packed with research about tobacco smoke’s risks and health benefits reaped by other communities that have imposed smoking bans. The project won a statewide competition sponsored by the Missouri Bar Association’s Project Citizen, a program that requires students to study public policy issues, propose solutions and act on their plans, Forristal said.

“A government can and should be concerned about the health of the community,” student Odessa Magafas told the council.

Alexis Gilner, another student, said 83 percent of the 372 Wildwood residents who responded to her class survey said they were bothered by second-hand smoke in restaurants. Wildwood has about 15 restaurants and bars.

The students urged adoption of an ordinance modeled on one in force in Ballwin, which applies to all public places, including restaurants and bars that make less than 60 percent of their income from the sale of alcohol.

Former Ballwin Mayor Walt Young joined the students in supporting the smoking ban. “It’s something you should give some real serious consideration,” Young said.

One response to “Wildwood to consider smoking ban

  1. Wonderful to see kids taking action!

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