St. Louis Alderman Triplett supports smoke-free air

Kacie Starr Triplett, St. Louis Alderman, Sixth Ward, had a letter published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of Thursday, May 7, 2009, in support of the comprehensive smoke-free air legislation just introduced by fellow Alderman Lyda Krewson. Triplett is a co-sponsor, together with Marlene Davis and Donna Baringer, but with 28 wards it needs a total of 15 votes, excluding Board President, Lewis Reed.

In today’s on-line Post-Dispatch Political Fix, reporter Jake Wagman addresses the issue in a blog titled “Alderman Triplett endorses smoking ban — will others follow?



ST. LOUIS — Alderman Kacie Starr Triplett — never one to seek shelter in the back benches — has announced her support for a bill that has the potential to ban smoking at bars and restaurants in the city.

Triplett represents the Sixth Ward, which includes most of Lafayette Square and part of the Washington Avenue Loft District — progressive areas with plenty of trendy restaurants.

By becoming smoke-free, Triplett wrote in a letter published in today’s Post-Dispatch, “St. Louis will reinvent itself and refocus on our most important concern.”

“Creating a smoke-free city is a public health issue that city leaders cannot take lightly or ignore,” Triplett writes. “Our citizens have the right to breathe clean and healthy air. Whether one is a patron at a restaurant, an employee working a minimum-wage service job or a mother protecting her family’s health, this is a basic right to which we all are entitled.”

Along with sponsor Lyda Krewson and her two co-sponsors — Marlene Davis and Donna Baringer – Triplett’s support makes a total of at least four aldermen who have publicly stated their support for the ban, which would require St. Louis County to pass similar legislation for the prohibition to go into effect.

But for the bill to pass it would need support from at least 11 other aldermen — and, possibly, Board President Lewis Reed — which could be difficult with the Missouri Restaurant Association, among others, fighting the proposal.

One response to “St. Louis Alderman Triplett supports smoke-free air

  1. Reese Erick Forbes

    Here is the reply I posted:
    “As a former Union Executive, I know it is the lazy people in the union that want to fight for smoke breaks. Plus a business gets a reduction in insurance premiums if it goes non-smoking – which a good union would fight for to be passed on to it’s workers.
    During the Kirkwood attempt, Mr McArthur told me personally to my face that he is opposed to smoking, will not allow it in his bakeries, but will work against any ordinance because the government might make him take out all the potentially harmful ingredients in his pastries and other bakery products. His biased and self serving poll has already been proven incorrect.
    No restaurant went out of business because of Balwin’s smoking ban – even new places have opened.
    Experience has shown that people do not drive miles just to smoke – a few people get mad for a few weeks, then return to their old places to get that good food , or music, or drink or companionship they have become used to getting.

    — Reese Forbes
    11:37 am May 8th, 2009”

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