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“Smoking bans are bad for business”

A letter with the above title was published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and appeared in their on-line blog on 02.26.2009 @ 5:28 pm [URL:]. By 12:04 am on 03.02.2009 it had attracted 145 comments, both pro and con!

E.g. EJ Rotert: “What about non-smokers who already don’t go out because there isn’t a smoking ban?”
superdave: “If I own but (sic) business I have the freedom to make up my own rules.”

Here’s the letter that attracted all this buzz, written by Tony Palazzolo
, St Louis:

“In reference to recent articles on smoking bans.
Smoke-Free St Louis is pushing a ban in St Louis City. Restaurants, bars and casinos are all effected by smoking bans economically. Illinois enacted a ban starting January 1st. Casinos in Illinois were down 21.4% for all of last year. They lost over $400 million in gambling revenue. Missouri in the same time frame was up 5% with St Louis area casinos up 13%. Missouri and Illinois have similar economies. There can be no doubt that smoking bans negatively affect hospitality industry revenue.”