Debate on Mark Reardon Show, 03/17/09

Bob Levy, Dr. Michael Pakko and I participated in a KMOX Radio debate on Tuesday afternoon, March 17th, 2009, before debating that evening at the Federalist Society event.

You can listen to it by clicking the live link

Bill Hannegan beat me to it by posting it on his website KEEP ST. LOUIS FREE! at

2 responses to “Debate on Mark Reardon Show, 03/17/09

  1. Mr. Pion, you know how much I oppose St. Louis smoking bans. But I honestly thought you prevailed on the Mark Reardon Show. You made a nearly perfect presentation of the case for smoking bans!
    I suggested you to the Federalist Society as an opponent for Levy and Pakko. While listening to the Reardon debate, I regretted my suggestion.

  2. Martin
    It can’t be denied that you had a great presentation but very interesting that he should compliment you.

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