Smoking poll – St. Louis Business Journal

A poll currently attracting votes and comments on the St. Louis Business Journal web site reads:

“Would you vote in favor of a law that would prohibit smoking in all workplaces, public buildings, offices, restaurants, bars and casinos in the city of St. Louis?

Yes, but I think bars and casinos should be exempted”

When I first checked the poll late on Thursday night 70% favored smoke-free air. [Note that the poll talks about “ban” or “prohibit smoking” rather than phrasing it positively as “favoring smoke-free air.”] The poll has swung dramatically in favor of smoky air and as of 4:30 pm Friday, March 13, the numbers are:

Yes 45% /No 51% /Yes, but…. 4%

I urge you to vote, and also check out the comments. If you have any comments yourself please post them here but also alert me via e-mail: mpion [“at” sign]

4 responses to “Smoking poll – St. Louis Business Journal

  1. Michele McDonald

    Martin, people should be aware that for a period of some hours on Thursday, it was possible to vote more than once (not usually the case on Biz Journal). A shift from 70% in favor to 70% opposed happened within two hours. You can draw your own conclusions.

  2. I’m going to find the poll now and vote YES! Stop smoking in St. Louis – especially in bars and restaurants! Wish I could come to the debate but I have to work that evening.

  3. Elisabeth Melinz

    Yes I agree that smoking should be banned in
    public places. Smokers don’t consider they’re harming young infants and children by their smoking who are considerably more at risk than adults from the cigarette toxins. Also the butts are littering the environment and are hazardous to birds that might eat them.

  4. Tony Palazzolo

    The poll was not taken over by some devious tobacco fueled plot. Their poll just allowed you to vote from different Internet addresses (ie work and home). Do you really think that A) this was a valid opinion poll B) that it would really make a difference.

    The best way to vote is with your dollars – spend your money at restaurants and bars that don’t allow smoking. Over 40% of St Louis establishments are already completely smoke-free. There is not a lack of choices.

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